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Working in the healthcare filed, I maintain high
expectations for medical professionals, especially
dentists. It is a very detailed and precisely skilled
profession and requires a like-minded practitioner to do
quality work.

Dr. Mina Habibian epitomizes her profession. She is a
highly skilled provider, researcher and educator
dedicated to her patients. She is a kind and
compassionate person who really listens and explains
procedures and treatment plans so that
the patient is well informed . Dr. Habibian’s practice
offers state of the art technology with patient care that is
personal, friendly and professional.

I am very pleased to have met Dr. Habibian and relived
that she will pro actively manage my oral health. Dr
Habibian provides the best of care and I highly
recommend her toothers. Dr. Habibian and her caring
staff are outstanding!

Laurie Soto Levy, Poway, CA

Jinlie, San Diego

I have had Dr. Habibian as my dentist for many years.

When I first started there I had very bad gum disease.
She was thoroughly examined and explained my
condition to me; and then she made very detail
suggestions of the treatments I would be needed. Now I
have healthy gums and continually keep up good oral
hygiene with her.

She is always very attentive, kind and thorough with her
patients. I will recommend everyone to her.


Both my wife and I want to thank you and your staff for
your professional and caring service my recent dental
treatment. Your personal demeanor, patience, and
thoroughness in explaining the procedures was
exemplary and greatly appreciated by both of us.
During my treatment you always displayed great
concern and never failed to ask about my feelings and
welfare. Your personal calls to our home after
office visits to insure no post operative difficulties
were a pleasant surprise and keenly noted by us.

From our initial visit to the completion of all
procedures, there was never any doubt that we were
fortunate to have you as our advisor and doctor.

With our deepest appreciation and respect, we thank


Robert A. Brooks

I had many gaps including a 6 millimeter gap between
my front teeth. I was told I had to wear braces for a few
years to get them fixed. I held out until my late 20s. I
heard about Invisalign and went to a few dentists to
get inputs. Most of them suggested filing away part of
my teeth or other abrasive modifications. Dr. Habibian
was referred to me by my girlfriend who had worked
as a dental assistant for many dentists and
immediately recommended Dr. Habibian when
I told her I was thinking of trying Invisalign.

Dr. Habibian is very attentive, perfectionist and
thorough. She did a superb job. I get so many nice
comments about my teeth and smile now. Usually
when I go to dentists results fall short of expectations.
With Dr. Habibian, your results will be even
better than you expect!"

Bashir Eghbali

My wife and I just want to thank you, and say how much
we appreciate your excellent dental care over the past
several years. We have been to many other dentists in
the past, but finding you was a blessing in our lives.
Besides being a DMD, your PHD has allowed you to use
the whole person concept in treating patients. For
example, you took time to research my question about
my sinus problem, and how it relates to my teeth. Also,
my wife previously hated going to the dentist, but your
gentle and caring approach has made her fell
comfortable. The Invisalign procedure has been
great. In addition, the staff is always helpful and your
prices are very reasonable. Thanks!

Steven Smith Aida Smith

Dr. Mina Habibian is the BEST dentist I have ever had,
and I’ve had many through the years. My husband
recommended Dr. Habibian to me. He knew that I’d like
her, because he said that she is the most competent
dentist he’s ever met.

When I first started going to Dr. Habibian, I had issues
with severe receding gums, deep pockets under my
gums, and my teeth were very crooked.

After several years, our wonderful dentist helped me, via
a program called Perio Protect, restored my gum health,
AND, my teeth and gum were healthy enough to be
aligned. We did the Invisalign. I am so pleased with how
she’s helped me take care of my oral hygiene. I actually
smile for all my pictures now. J

Thank you Dr, Habibian, you are a life saver!

Judy Ki, Poway

David Deutsch

Dr. Habibian is the consulate professional, fulfilling and
exceeding my expectations.  She provides excellent
care, sound advice, and takes the time to explain
procedures and interact with the whole patient.  Frankly,
I was surprised by her in-depth inquiries into my medical
history, concern about drug interactions and possible
prophylaxis needed given a heart murmur. In addition,
she made the wise suggestion that I integrate oral care
--  all that pain in the neck flossing -- into my daily
medication regimen and this has worked very well.  After
a lifetime of trying to avoid this business of flossing, all it
took was the suggestion that it was as important as the
meds I take for other conditions and, indeed, that is the
case. So I changed a lifetime of a bad habit to a good
habit really at no cost.  It was just a matter of putting it in
the right perspective for me.  This is an example of the
extra value Dr. Habibian provides her patients.  

In addition to high professionalism, Dr. Habibian is also
personable and engaging. Sign up here -- you will not
regret it.
I lived and worked in Poway several years ago, and
needed a dentist. After asking several of my friends, I
was referred to Dr. Mina Habibian. The first thing that
impressed me was that she taught Dentistry at a
university, so she was not only an experienced dentist
(and PhD), but knew the latest dental techniques and

Every time I had an appointment, Dr. Habibian took the
time to thoroughly examine my teeth, unlike some
dentists who give you a cursory look. She also had my
gums measured to make certain they were not receding.
And amazingly, she also cleaned my teeth.

I am sorry I no longer have access to Dr. Habibian as my
job caused me to relocate. But I can unequivocally state
that Dr. Habibian is not only a nice person; she is the
best dentist I have ever used.